Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Three Stitchateers

Facebook is a wonderful place to meet other stitchers, see the latest designs in cross stitch, join groups (I'm in several!) and actually make new friends.  Such is the case with my two new wonderful friends from the group Cross Stitch & Discuss #2.  Pat found both Melissa and me, and it is definitely the beginning of a very beautiful friendship.  Pat invited me to coffee a couple of times, and then I went to Melissa's house and we went to a stitching shop, and then last week the three of us finally all got together for a fabric dyeing adventure at Melissa's house.  We had a blast! I'll share some photos of the process (and of us!) for you to see. 
Here are some of the supplies.  Thankfully Melissa had experimented before and knew what she was doing!  Metal trays, shaving cream, rit dye, droppers, dye in spray bottles, paper towels, rubber gloves, paper bowls, etc.
Step one, wet the fabric.  Then fill the trays with shaving cream.  Spread it smooth to add dye on top, or swirl or rake or make texture in the shaving cream.  Add dye on top with dropper, spray bottle, or whatever.  Lay wet fabric (run under a warm iron to remove excess water first) on shaving cream.
Lightly pat or press or whatever to achieve desired results on fabric.
Then lift up fabric carefully and rinse with water to remove cream and dye.
Say "Hi!" to Melissa and Pat!
Then rinse away all the shaving cream and excess dye.
Then soak in vinegar water for awhile to set the dye.
Having a great time!  Say "Hi!" to Melissa and me (Shari).
The possibilities are endless! 

Waves... (don't get carried away and think this is the top of a birthday cake!)
Half and half... (great idea, Pat!)
Experimenting is half the fun.  You have the let the finished fabric tell you what you should stitch on it!  Here are some of our finished pieces:
These above are Melissa's genius - for a special project she has in mind...


I had such a wonderful time!!! It was great fun to make these lovely fabrics to stitch on ...but the best part was spending time with my new best friends!  I will post more photos when we have stitched on some of these, and about our next adventures.  Thanks Pat and Melissa, you are the best friends a stitch girl could ask for!  Check back to see our next adventure on the 26th of July!


  1. What good fun! :) I need me some stitch BFFs :)

  2. What a fantastic you all had! Looks great fun!