Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It is Summer, Afterall

It always seems like Summer blends in too well with the rest of the year, working straight through, not going on a vacation - unlike everyone else we know.  But at least once each summer, there are moments, or experiences, that make it feel like summer after all.  Last week, when the weather was perfect:  sunny and in the low 70's...we were leaving work, Robin was with me, and she invited me to sit in the shade under a beautiful tree on a hillside.  It was truly perfect.  I have the best daughter in the world.  I will never forget that!  Here we are:
I am also participating in a Stitch A Long - called Old and New.  I have until the end of August to finish an old wip, and start and finish a new wip.  Making good progress on the old wip:  Little House Needleworks These I Hold Dear".  This photo shows an earnest start, though I have gotten a bit further now. 


There are nine blocks altogether - I actually only have 2 more to go.  It's very enjoyable.
Made a cartoon of myself - fun. 
and one with my own caption:

I also participated in a SAL in the facebook group All About Smalls.  The pattern was chosen for us, but I changed up the colors:
Posting more later.  Remember to carve out some sweet summer moments for your own "memory" album.  <3

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Three Stitchateers

Facebook is a wonderful place to meet other stitchers, see the latest designs in cross stitch, join groups (I'm in several!) and actually make new friends.  Such is the case with my two new wonderful friends from the group Cross Stitch & Discuss #2.  Pat found both Melissa and me, and it is definitely the beginning of a very beautiful friendship.  Pat invited me to coffee a couple of times, and then I went to Melissa's house and we went to a stitching shop, and then last week the three of us finally all got together for a fabric dyeing adventure at Melissa's house.  We had a blast! I'll share some photos of the process (and of us!) for you to see. 
Here are some of the supplies.  Thankfully Melissa had experimented before and knew what she was doing!  Metal trays, shaving cream, rit dye, droppers, dye in spray bottles, paper towels, rubber gloves, paper bowls, etc.
Step one, wet the fabric.  Then fill the trays with shaving cream.  Spread it smooth to add dye on top, or swirl or rake or make texture in the shaving cream.  Add dye on top with dropper, spray bottle, or whatever.  Lay wet fabric (run under a warm iron to remove excess water first) on shaving cream.
Lightly pat or press or whatever to achieve desired results on fabric.
Then lift up fabric carefully and rinse with water to remove cream and dye.
Say "Hi!" to Melissa and Pat!
Then rinse away all the shaving cream and excess dye.
Then soak in vinegar water for awhile to set the dye.
Having a great time!  Say "Hi!" to Melissa and me (Shari).
The possibilities are endless! 

Waves... (don't get carried away and think this is the top of a birthday cake!)
Half and half... (great idea, Pat!)
Experimenting is half the fun.  You have the let the finished fabric tell you what you should stitch on it!  Here are some of our finished pieces:
These above are Melissa's genius - for a special project she has in mind...


I had such a wonderful time!!! It was great fun to make these lovely fabrics to stitch on ...but the best part was spending time with my new best friends!  I will post more photos when we have stitched on some of these, and about our next adventures.  Thanks Pat and Melissa, you are the best friends a stitch girl could ask for!  Check back to see our next adventure on the 26th of July!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

All My Stitching 2013

It's May already, and I'm just posting a recap of everything I stitched in 2013.  Here it all is.  Everything here was begun and finished in 2013 except the Cottage Sampler, that was started in 2012.  Not too shabby for someone with carpal tunnel all year. (got that taken care of a couple of months ago).
A freebie from Little House Needleworks ( I love Raggedy Anns!)

A Prairie Schooler freebie:

A kit from a British Stitching Magazine last year:

pattern download from Sewingseed on etsy:

another Prairie Schooler:

design from British magazine:

from a very old British pattern I got on ebay a few years ago:

Last year's Frosted Pumpkin monthly Woodland Sampler:

and another etsy download:  Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights 
 a beautiful free pattern from Plum Street Samplers blog:
Mary's Sampler
Little House Needleworks: Something Old, Something New

Made these into Christmas Ornaments:  Patterns from "The Little Stitcher"

I'll add more later :)  Happy Stitching.  Check older posts, too, for more stitching and family news!


May (I say hello)?

Robin successfully completed her first year of college, and turned 18.  Wow.  I am so proud of her!

 I had saved a draft of what I wanted to post with all of my stitching pics, but the draft disappeared!  I did participate in a Springtime Cross Stitch exchange through Dixie Sampler's blog, which was a lot of fun.  Here is a my wonderful package from Amy:
Here is the beautiful pin keep she stitched for me:
Here is what I stitched:
This little sweetie is from the new Spring kit from Lizzie Kate - Song of Spring.  The ornament was for my exchange partner, and then I also made the little scissor fob. 
More later!  Byzies!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Poster Girl

What fun!  I got to be a poster girl (not a pin up girl tee hee!)  for the Boone County Public Library's new promotion.  It was a lot of fun to be photographed with some of my favorite movies!  The posters will be on the library facebook page and in all the branch libraries starting next week for National Library Week.  Just so you know, I recommend these titles:  The Miracle of Morgan's Creek, Casablanca, and Harvey. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014...So far

After putting it off for a few years...I had to get carpal tunnel surgery.  I couldn't use my hands effectively, dropped things continually, and was in serious pain.  I didn't want to do it!  But, I had no choice, and had both hands done at the end of January.  I am so glad I did!!! I had a wonderful doctor who always played music in his office and during the surgery.  He asked if I minded Willie Nelson, and I am a big fan of Willie's so that worked out well. The surgery went quickly, and the doctor even sang with Willie during the procedure to Georgia, and other songs.  I opted to have both hands done at the same time, and was only able to because my daughter is the finest person on earth.  She lovingly did everything to help me, and I cannot well express my gratitude to her.  I am at last going back to work tomorrow, and I am stitching again!  Yay!!!

Big news:  we have a new member to our family.  We got Trudy this past Monday.  The little darling was at our favorite rescue place:  Barely Used Pets.  Holly and Honey came from there also.  Trudy is 7, nearly 8, and has spent every day of her life in a tiny cage as a breeding dog in an Amish puppy mill.  I am so livid that these places are still in existence and allowed to continue.  You will surely here me rant about that more later.  Here is the photo that was posted of her that made me fall in love:
Robin named her Trudy, but of course she has many love names and I call her TuTu.  She is beyond amazing, and so very brave.  By the second day she had bonded with the others, two days ago she learned how to go up and down stairs, and today, day 7, she actually asked at the door to go out and go potty.  She is so tiny, maybe 6 lbs. or so.  Today she also discovered squeaky toys and had a wonderful time.  I'll share more about her later!
Robin meeting Trudy - St.Patrick's Day 2014
Our first moments together! 


I missed posting for the second half of last year - meaning I didn't do it and I wanted to do it, but ongoing issues with carpal tunnel prevented me.  Highlights:  Robin started college!  I kept my stitching goals, including one Christmas ornament per month, as well as other pieces.  I'll share photos as soon as I can figure out this different computer and how to get photos from camera onto it.  Many blessings!