Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014...So far

After putting it off for a few years...I had to get carpal tunnel surgery.  I couldn't use my hands effectively, dropped things continually, and was in serious pain.  I didn't want to do it!  But, I had no choice, and had both hands done at the end of January.  I am so glad I did!!! I had a wonderful doctor who always played music in his office and during the surgery.  He asked if I minded Willie Nelson, and I am a big fan of Willie's so that worked out well. The surgery went quickly, and the doctor even sang with Willie during the procedure to Georgia, and other songs.  I opted to have both hands done at the same time, and was only able to because my daughter is the finest person on earth.  She lovingly did everything to help me, and I cannot well express my gratitude to her.  I am at last going back to work tomorrow, and I am stitching again!  Yay!!!

Big news:  we have a new member to our family.  We got Trudy this past Monday.  The little darling was at our favorite rescue place:  Barely Used Pets.  Holly and Honey came from there also.  Trudy is 7, nearly 8, and has spent every day of her life in a tiny cage as a breeding dog in an Amish puppy mill.  I am so livid that these places are still in existence and allowed to continue.  You will surely here me rant about that more later.  Here is the photo that was posted of her that made me fall in love:
Robin named her Trudy, but of course she has many love names and I call her TuTu.  She is beyond amazing, and so very brave.  By the second day she had bonded with the others, two days ago she learned how to go up and down stairs, and today, day 7, she actually asked at the door to go out and go potty.  She is so tiny, maybe 6 lbs. or so.  Today she also discovered squeaky toys and had a wonderful time.  I'll share more about her later!
Robin meeting Trudy - St.Patrick's Day 2014
Our first moments together! 


I missed posting for the second half of last year - meaning I didn't do it and I wanted to do it, but ongoing issues with carpal tunnel prevented me.  Highlights:  Robin started college!  I kept my stitching goals, including one Christmas ornament per month, as well as other pieces.  I'll share photos as soon as I can figure out this different computer and how to get photos from camera onto it.  Many blessings!