Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July 2012!

Today is the Fourth of July. I am enjoying a lovely air conditioned cool day!  Here is my kitchen windowsill:

I like to keep the house cheery and to reflect the holidays and seasons.  It's so fun that way, and an excuse to move things around and collect pretty little things.  The patriotic boy and girl are from ebay this year, and the stacked animals from a local thrift store.  Of course they had to dress for the day with matching kerchiefs. 
After giving the dogs all a much needed holiday bath - they were ready to nap in the sun to dry off and then chose to continue their nap in their houses in the kitchen. We never close the doors on them, the dogs just like to go in and out to nap or have some quiet time.  Sometimes they curl up together, sometimes alone.  Here you can see Honey in the big house and Spuddie and Holly in the little one together:

Robin has gone out with our friends Laurel and Jackie to a big party, I need to stay in the cool air.  I've been working on some patriotic cross stitch the last couple of weeks and finished a couple of pieces.  These have not been framed yet, but they put me in the holiday spirit. 

I changed these up a bit - I like to do that.  The eagle was only supposed to have two stitched stars and a button, I left off the button and added another stitched star.  This was a Bent Creek design.  The Liberty piece has really tiny red buttons for the cherries on the tree.  I have been collecting some George and Martha things lately, I'll share more later. 
And here is my dear girl, ready to go the the party:
pretty sweet!

A great day!

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