Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Family

Here is my happy little family.  Darling Daughter Robin, and my 3 fur children resuce doggies (the absolute best kind).  Robin is 16 and we homeschool.  She's basically done with high school and preparing for college.  Spuddie is a darling boy - my little man - corgi mix.  He is as sweet as can be.  He's the baby of the family, just barely 2 years old.  He likes watching Curious George on TV, lying in the sun outside, and his favorite toy is his froggy.  Spuddie came from Sacret Hearts Animal Rescue.  Holly and Honey, the girls, are both from Barely Used Pet Rescue in Urbana, OH.  I would highly recommend both of these places, and the ladies who run them are absolute angels. Holly is a corgi - chihuahau mix, she loves stealing things and hiding them, is definately a mama's girl, and her favorite toy is blue bug, which she takes everywhere, even if she goes out in the middle of the night (I take her).  She's the oldest at 6.  Honey is our new girl, maybe 4?  She is a doxie mix.  She is very kind and sweet, and she is Robin's girl. 

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