Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Week of Prayer (a short post)

This past week has been a very good one, busy and simple.  Busy, because we are having a Novena at church - nine days of prayer, like the nine days of prayer the apostles had in the book of Acts.  Simple, because of the structure and routine of each day, and soothing and comforting because of that, like re-reading a story you know by heart, but seeing it in a different way each time.  There is a new grotto, Robin has been doing some landscaping.  I havn't taken many photos.  We have also been enjoying some cooler days, so welcome.  It is good to have intention in prayer.  For the Novena, each day we go to Mass, pray for the overall intention of religious freedom and for our personal intentions, and light a candle.  I wrote my intentions on a piece of paper and put it in the basket on the first day, and though the last day of the Novena is on this coming Tuesday, my first one has already started coming true.  I am so thankful!  I'll have more to write next time, after the Novena is over.  Prayer is so powerful.  Give it a try!
The grotto in the process of landscaping.  You can see the lovely waterfall cascading from the statue of Our Lady of Knock. 

The statue.  When light hits the white it seems to glow.  I love how happy she looks as she raises her eyes to heaven. I am very blessed because this lovely view is visible from my office window at work.  I have lots to tell you about and photos to share later.  Remember,

 Have a lovely week, Shari

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