Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy National Dog Day

I just read that today is National Dog Day - yea!!!  I'm all for it.  Around here every day is National Dog Day.  Here are some piccys from this week of my three fur heroes:
Spuddie, Holly, and Honey dining al fresco.

I'm done with mine...can I have yours?

Time for my after breakfast nap. (Honey Biscuit)

Me too, yawn...(Holly Moonbeam)

Whatcha doing Mom?
Wanna snuggle? (Spuddie) Yes!
Summer...and flowers even bloom indoors.  My violets are very happy right now.  These darlings were rescued from the 1.00 bargain table at Kroger awhile back.  Patience and love work wonders.  We all CAN rebloom. 
Aren't these lovely?  Here is a close up:
Also, I made a new friend this week.  This little green one showed up on my magazine this morning:

I finally finished my cross stitch project last week - it is called The Queen's Crowns by Plum Street Samplers.  I  learned a lesson.  When you stitch with silk, Belle Soie, it is not colorfast.  Hum.  I've already started on my next project and the red is running on this one too.  Any ideas? 

Next project - in progress:
Next time I'll share some things I've already finished.  Here's one of the places I can sit and stitch with a cup of tea - the kitchen table.  The roses are from the garden and smell so very beautiful - much more fragrant than store roses.  Care to join me?

We had a very special week this week, the end of the Novena to Our Lady of Knock, and a special Mass today.  The statue was dedicated, there were bagpipes - and the most beautiful chanting in Latin.  Very nice.  Here is my darling Robin with Bill (Seminarian), the Eagle scout who built the grotto and waterfall, and Father Jeff. 
I love this photo!  Here is another one of my darling girl:

and a close up of the statue:

Another grotto:
Be inspired by love.
 I have LOTS more to share next week:  English Smocking, some antique folk stitching pieces, and lots of photos.  Blessings and Peace, Shari


  1. Love the dogs and the flowers are so pretty.
    Of course the prettiest is the good looking your lady. love the stitching too.

    1. Thanks Joyce!!! I'm going to keep up with your blog - we are definately kindred stitching sisters. Joy and Peace, Shari