Thursday, September 6, 2012

Something's Fishy

We had the most fun ever one afternoon last week - so that became our summer vacation.  Our dear friend and Seminarian Bill took us fishing.  The day was lovely, temperature mild, and it was so peaceful.  Even though Robin is a vegan, (I was too in the days of consuming gluten), she proved a gifted fisher and caught 4 or 5 bass.  I caught a large bluegill and a bass.  Luckily for the bluegill, it got away. 
Robin with some of her fish:
Bill commented on what a great team Robin and I make, since I won't touch the fish or the bait, and she won't eat the fish.  Ideal.  Bill is a fantastic and patient teacher, and we learned so much.  I think the most important thing we learned was to step out of the ordinary and enjoy the beauty of God's creation and have a lovely summer afternoon together. 


Speaking the language.
Smoochy smoochy.  She said she didn't really kiss this fish, but it sure looked like it to me!
All in all, a day I will never forget.  Thanks Bill, and we are keeping you in our prayers.
Well, this whole post is quite short, as we are currently enjoying a computor free lifestyle at home.  I still have much more to share, but for the time being here are just a few photos for my stitchy friends - these are just a few samples of vintage Swedish cross stitch pieces.  I am very fond of Swedish folk art - mostly cross stitch and allmoge, folk painting.  Here is a lovely cross stitched piece of some Linnaea, or Linnea flowers, native to Sweden. 

The Linnaea flower or Linnaea borealis is named after Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist from the south of Sweden in Smaland, around 1778.  Fascinating man!  Here is another sample of some linnaea's from Smaland - an older piece:

This long delicate fringe is common on many Swedish pieces.  Here is a photo of the actual flower, which not only blooms in Sweden but also on this continent in Alaska.  Isn't it lovely?

Here is one last piece, showing the charming folk style and native dress:

and a close up:

This makes me want to stitch!  Maybe this will be a "three dog night" - you know the Australian term for a night so cold it takes three dogs to keep you warm?  Well, at our house, every night is a three dog night, we curl up and I get to stitch.  Look who's waiting for me:

Thanks for sticking around, posts may be shorter and posted a day or two late each week while we live computor-less, but I'll keep showing up.  Peace and Joy, Shari

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