Thursday, March 21, 2013

Almost Easter!

This Lent has flown by.  Many blessings.  I made a big change last week.  After vowing I would NEVER cut OR color my hair - I did both.  Here is the before and after:
Anyway, this is a big change for me.  Wow is it easier.  Really seems to help with the hot flashes too.
I do miss my white hair a bit too, but I can grow it back sometime (may have to wear a hat for a few months to do it :)). Here is my lovely girl in a top she bought herself with babysitting money:

Anyway, my big project, stitching the Country Cottage Needlworks Cottages of the Month was completed last night.  I really loved stitching this and it makes me so happy.  I can't stop looking at it!  I started it in June 2012 and stitched on it everyday since then, excepting for a couple of days here and there.  It is done on 14 count white aida cloth with DMC floss. 

Whew.  This is very special for me for many reasons, and my absolute favorite part is that my darling girl agreed (even though she is definately not a stitcher) to make one stitch in this for me.  She did the top of the "r" in December - my birth month.  Thanks sweetie!  I also love that in April, Robin's birth month, the birds have been changed to Robins.  Now I'm already on to my next project, started within minutes of finishing this one!  Photos to follow, of course. 
Here's one last view - who greeted me on my way in to work yesterday morning.  A very friendly crow.  We had a lovely exchange of morning wishes!  Same to you, friends!  Wishing you a blessed Holy Week. 


  1. Your cottages are AWESOME!!! And I love the haircut and hair coloring.

    1. Thanks so much Milly - you are a sweetie! I love reading your blog, by the way.

  2. well done again on getting the cottages finished ...actually worked on my April last night :) love the new look too :) hope you have a wonderful stitchy week :) love mouse xxxxxx

  3. You have done a great job with your cottages, well done!